Yacht rescue drama at loch ness

The three spent a night marooned near the Aldourie Castle on Loch Ness after their yacht got into problems as it made its path towards Caledonian Canal entry at Dochgarroch. Aberdeen’s HMS Coastguard Operations Centre got an emergency call at 10.15 am earlier on Friday after a member of the public seen the yacht around ten meters from the shoreline at Loch Ness’s northern end.

The lifeboat volunteers RNLI Loch Ness Garry Macleod, Joy Cameron and Jamie MacPherson took their lifeboat to the scene from their station 6 miles away. Mr MacPherson went aboard stranded boat, where he noticed that none of the 3 men on board were injured and that the boat was not taking on water. A tow line was saved and the twenty ton boat was freed.

According to reports, he stated that the yacht need the full power of the lifeboat to pull it free from their spot and they put in a spot a well practiced system to get the yacht and its crew into deep water. Thankfully none aboard sustained any would during the grounding and they would have woken up to find the full length view of Loch Ness in splendid sunshine behind them. He could think of worse spots to spend the night.

He further added that the crew, once in deep was able to restart the engines. It was escorted by the lifeboat to a safe mooring at Dochgarroch where members of Inverness Coastguard and a representative from the Scottish Canals were able to serve.